About E3 Nutrition

Do you want to break through the finish line with better times? Do you need more energy and endurance? Have you tried to improve your sports nutrition but just can’t seem to get it right? E3 Nutrition is your solution.

Founded by competitive triathlete Lisa Powell, who holds a Masters in Exercise and Sports Nutrition, E3 Nutrition provides individualized solutions to fuel results. Based in Dallas, Texas, E3 Nutrition is a comprehensive high performance nutrition consulting firm serving every level of athlete.

E3 Nutrition works with clients nationwide to develop a customized plan and achieve personal milestones for everything from improved performance times, and building lean muscle, to maintaining a swimsuit ready physique. In other words … your personal best.

Powell is a triathlon trainer with decades of personal and professional experience in the worlds of health, athletics, diet and nutrition. A competitive triathlete who lives what she eats; she is considered one of the best triathlon and nutrition coaches in the nation, and is among the top trainers in the United States. Additionally, she is a top triathlon age group finisher at multiple race distances from sprint to Ironman, including qualification for the World Championship at the Half Ironman Distance. And, she is a top five finisher in many Ironman 70.3 races, top 3 finisher in multiple local sprint distance races, Clearwater 70.3 World Championship Qualifier and Finisher, Podium Finisher at the Cowtown Half Marathon, and Masters Overall Winner at Spring, Olympic, and Half Iron Distances.

Her philosophy and approach to sports nutrition has propelled E3 Nutrition ahead of other nutritionists and dieticians because of the firm’s commitment to smart and informed nutrition. Powell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in Wisconsin and a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University. Powell also completed the Metabolic Efficiency Certification Seminar from Multisport University, which is poised at the cutting edge of modern athleticism. She encourages every facet of E3 Nutrition to exhibit the highest level of dedication to being at the forefront of nutritional knowledge.

If you want to be better, faster, stronger, and healthier contact E3 Nutrition.  E3 Nutrition fuels results for the modern athlete.