Lisa Powell believes in nutrition’s power to change bodies on a cellular level. By evaluating a client’s lifestyle, preferences, and objectives, Powell can guide each person to achieve their best, whether that’s blasting into new time records, lengthening endurance, building lean muscle, or zipping skinny jeans.

Powell understands how bodies operate and the way different foods can fuel or hamper everything from
endurance to speed, performance, and body composition. Powell helps every client set realistic, achievable goals and takes the role of a health and fitness partner, guiding and encouraging clients every step of the way.

As a competitive athlete who loves to cook, Powell understands both the emotional connection with food as well as the way different fuels can ignite progress. Instead of cutting out favorite foods, Powell finds a way to
incorporate favorites so clients never feel deprived.

Powell invites you to partner with her on your journey towards a happier, healthier you.