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(Dallas, TX) March 13, 2013 – Lisa Powell was always active and tried to live a balanced lifestyle, but it wasn’t until a close friend was diagnosed with cancer in her late 20’s that she started to think more seriously about the connection between food and health.

Inspired to discover a better way to live healthfully, Powell overhauled her habits and rebooted her lifestyle. In doing so, she discovered a whole new bridge between food and athletic performance. Powell sprinted from being a middle of the pack athlete to a competitive one, cinching triathlon accolades and qualifications across the country. Food, she realized, wasn’t just food—it was fuel. The wrong kind of fuel left her panting, but the right foods eaten at the right times helped her sprint past the competition and shatter obstacles.

“The way I ate affected everything. I’m living proof that the right foods really can change our bodies on a cellular level. I went from an average athlete to a competitor and eventually a triathlete champion. I realized this was a passion I could make a career of because I wanted to help others discover the incredible power of nutrition,” said Powell.

Powell, who is also an avid baker and cook, decided to go back to school for her master’s degree and invest in nutrition full time. She earned her Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University, a complement to her undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in Wisconsin. To stay current, Powell regularly invests in continuing education courses such as Multisport University’s Metabolic Efficiency Training Certification.

This hard work combined with continued involvement in the athletic world positioned Powell as Dallas’s new nutritional guru. Powell leverages her extensive education and personal experience to help everyone from competitive athletes to people just looking to zip their skinny jeans achieve health milestones.

Though Powell is passionate about the science of nutrition, she’s also just plain enamored with food. Powell devotes herself to designing recipes that are both delicious and healthy, recountouring classics to bend them into the healthy zone while retaining maximum flavor. She also designs brand new concoctions that range from simple to gourmet. Favorites include cranberry date oatmeal bars, miso-glazed sea bass, and couscous with grilled zucchini, garbanzo beans, and cumin.

Powell can help any client eat their way to a healthier future. She caters to the Dallas area, but can also work with national clients remotely. Her specialty is working with coaches, endurance athletes, and everyday athletes, but she also understands how to help anyone who wants to overhaul bad habits and optimize their daily nutrition.

There are a lot of myths about healthy eating, says Powell, which is part of why so many people become frustrated when trying to eat right. Fad diets that demonize certain food groups don’t work for everyone and are hard to maintain in the long run. Instead, Powell believes in creating personalized plans for each client case by case, since some people process certain foods differently and might be successful with a certain diet that wouldn’t work for someone else.

“I’m all about real, wholesome, delicious food. If people don’t love what they’re eating, then they’re not going to eat it. But if they’re presented with a plan for meals that make their stomachs growl, then food retains its wonderful emotional quality and they can get excited about what’s on the plate. It’s not about cutting out favorites, it’s about adapting favorites to make them work for you and your ultimate goals,” said Powell.

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About E3 Nutrition

Founded by champion triathlete Lisa Powell, E3 Nutrition is a comprehensive, high performance nutrition consulting firm that serves every level of athlete and health conscious client. E3 Nutrition caters to coaches, endurance athletes, everyday athletes, and people just looking to zip their skinny jeans or enjoy a more wholesome lifestyle. Whether goals are to trim, boost endurance, or enhance speed, Powell can apply her education and scientific knowledge to help propel clients toward their goals.

“E3” stands for Energy, Education, and Excellence, the three foundations of Powell’s philosophy. Services include single consultations, comprehensive meal planning, nutritional blood work analysis, and personalized recipes for each individual’s taste and lifestyle.

More information is available at and on the E3 Nutrition Facebook and Twitter pages.