E3 Nutrition provides a full spectrum of nutrition services to the Dallas area as well as nationally on a digital level. Powell serves a broad variety of local clients in Dallas ranging from coaches, endurance athletes,
everyday athletes, and people just looking to be healthier. She also works with clients across the country
electronically. Powell also leads team talks about daily and competition nutrition for specific sports, educating young and adult athletes on the value of different nutrition at every phase including off season, training,
competition, and recovery.

Experience nutrition in a whole new way.
Whether clients need a one time consultation or a long term partner in their nutritional journey, Powell’s role as a nutritionist is to encourage and empower.

    • Metabolic efficiency testing and analysis

Metabolic efficiency testing

Are you performing at your peak? Metabolic testing and analysis will determine exactly what amounts of calories and carbs you need for racing and training, link nutrition with your heart rate, and recommend foods for speed and power training to improve fat burning.

    • Individualized meal planning

Individualized meal planning

For athletes, timing is everything. Planning the right meals at the right times is crucial to optimize performance and body composition goals. Individualized meal plans make life easier, with no more last minute planning and food you’ll look forward to.

    • Customized recipes

Customized recipes

With individualized meal planning, E3 can tailor recipes to your taste buds and dietary needs. Customized recipes help clients learn to love new foods and embrace favorites with a healthy twist.

    • Consultations for daily nutrition

Daily nutrition insight

The small choices we make throughout the day are the ones that define our lifestyle. Dallas nutritionist Lisa Powell offers tips and advice for daily life to help you make the little choices that have a huge impact.

    • Guidance for specific training phases

Guidance for specific training

Since training is always evolving as we grow stronger and faster, nutritional needs change as well. Powell understands what it means to be an athlete and can guide performers to the most powerful food categories for every training phase to improve performance and body composition.

    • Race nutrition

Race nutrition

When race day arrives, every athlete wants to have a great foundation to compete on. Learn how to prevent dehydration, cramping, and bonking with the right fuel and sail to the finish line with more energy than you dreamed possible. All race fueling plans include a carb load procedure the week of the race and “big day” breakfast plan for each race distance. 

    • Sports team and group education

Sports team and group education

When everyone on the team has the right energy, performances reach new peaks. Powell can work with teams and groups to offer the best tips for staying at the top of your game.

    • Youth and adult athlete nutrition

Youth and adult athlete nutrition

Athletes demand a lot from their bodies, so competitors have different needs than the average person. E3 Nutrition understands a broad array of sports and can break down nutritional needs for every kind of activity.

Because food is personal.

Powell takes the time to review what a client has been eating, learn about their personal taste preferences, and discuss a typical day’s schedule since timing meals can change performance and recovery. She also takes body composition measurements to gauge fat and lean body mass to accurately measure progress. Powell then
discusses the client’s goals, whether they include improved endurance, speed, or body composition. This is the basis for forming a custom food group plan or meal plan. Powell is available for in person, one-on-one coaching in the Dallas-Forth Worth area and can digitally provide nutrition and athletic consultations worldwide.

Discover a whole new world of better eating.

Powell can empower each client to better understand:

  • Individual needs for fat, protein, etc.
  • How different food groups power different body functions
  • Daily calorie needs
  • How to hydrate more effectively
  • When and what to eat before and after workouts to fuel and recover
  • Nutrition strategies for athletic races
  • Nutrition strategies for endurance versus speed

E3 Nutrition meets every client where they are and takes the time to understand each person’s life, personality, tastes, and goals. By balancing this comprehensive knowledge with substantial education and experience,

Powell creates personal plans to propel each client to feel better and shatter obstacles.