Over the course of nearly 30 years of running, biking and swimming, I have tried to pull just about every lever imaginable to improve my athletic performance. However, while I knew better nutrition was one of those things that had a lot of potential to help, I never had any lasting success trying to do it on my own. Working with Lisa last summer changed all that. She not only helped me better understand the key elements of a better diet but she also taught me how to implement those changes in a real world environment. The results were fairly dramatic and fairly immediate. More importantly though, the changes to my diet have been achieved on a more permanent basis than I was ever able to achieve on my own and even after Lisa’s stopped working with me on a day-to-day basis. I think Lisa can help anyone who wants to improve their performance whether it’s somebody trying to qualify for Kona or just trying to get back in shape. It’s definitely the best athletic investment I made all of last year.
-Mike O’Brien

Working with Lisa was an unbelievable experience. Her extensive expertise coupled with her organization, timeliness and flexibility made it easy to follow meal plans, make adjustments and ultimately reach my nutritional goals to compete in Ironman Canada. In 4 months I cut my body fat % in half, significantly increased performance as well as enhanced my overall health and quality of life exponentially. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone looking for a highly effective and convenient way to achieve nutritional success and by doing so literally change your life!
-Jon Meyers

I approached Lisa because of her excellent professional and competitive resume. Specifically I needed nutritional advice to help me with my Ironman preparation. At my initial assessment I realized she understood my goal and training program and was willing to tailor a plan specifically aligned to my food preferences and overall objective. Each meal and meal plan is nutritionally balanced and is adapted by Lisa as my training changes. Lisa’s expertise has provided me with the energy to train hard and the correct nutritional components to optimize my body composition, maximize strength and enhance recovery. I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of food but most importantly I am extremely pleased with the results, both in terms of body composition and competitive performance.
-David Isherwood