You Can Still Eat Healthy When Traveling!

When traveling, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. By planning ahead and knowing what is available at your destination, you can ensure proper nutrition and hydration.

Plan Ahead
Know what food is available to you in and around your hotel. If possible chose a hotel that has a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, hardboiled eggs or yogurt. Look for fruit, yogurt, string cheese, energy bars and nuts for snacks found in most convenience stores.

oatmeal in bowl

Pack Snacks
Foods high in protein will satisfy and help keep you feeling full. Bring items on the plane or while waiting to board that stay fresh for a bit such as a hardboiled egg or string cheese. Bring a healthy snack to tide you over once you have landed and are driving. A bagel and cream cheese, granola bar, peanut butter and crackers, jerky or dried fruit and nuts are all good choices.

Make Good Choices
Restaurant or catered meals are frequently eaten. Portions sizes in restaurants are usually bigger than needed. Eat a portion of your meal. Ask for salad dressing on the side to lower the fat content. Chose lean meat such as chicken or fish that have little oil added for cooking. Ask for vegetables to be steamed. Avoid the dessert or share with others if you want the sweet end to a meal. Remember to include your liquid calories as they can add up quickly.

salmon and steamed veggies

Stay Hydrated
Remember to drink water while traveling. Take water with you on the plane and continue to drink upon landing to prevent dehydration that can occur with plane travel or with a busy schedule.

Eat On-the-Go
Begin your day with breakfast that includes protein to provide more satiety for the day. Your favorite coffee shop in the airport will usually have a fruit and yogurt parfait for a healthy snack. They even started offering Greek yogurt for added benefit of protein satiety. Choose a turkey sandwich and piece of fruit instead of cheeseburger and fries.

Lisa Powell is a nutritionist with a Masters in exercise and sports nutrition, and is also the founder of E3 Nutrition. Read more about Lisa and her journey here:

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